* 20 Years In Business With 4 People Who Have Been With The Company For More Than 18 Years Each

*Near Zero Maintenance-Interior-These surfaces likely will not need resealing.

                                               -Exterior-They will be resealed every 8-12 years

                    No Sealing, No Waxing, No Stripping, No Resealing Grout

                                             And Grout Lines Won't Stain

*Floors Will Withstand Flooding-Get Rid of Water and Spray Disinfectant

 No Space between Our Product and Your Surface

No Place For Water To Hide

No Place For Mold and Mildew to Grow

*Any Color or Any Combination of Colors

And The Color Can be 'Tweaked' After the Installation

Color Adjusted To Your Lighting

*Any Pattern You Choose and Any Size

-Square Tile   -Random Tile   -Tile on the Angle   -Stone Patterns

Or Customized Patterns Including Logos

*Applied over Concrete or Wood

*100% Radon Barrier

*Can Legally Encapsulate Asbestos

Saves The Expense of Asbestos Removal